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Do you have a property or are you going to have a property in the western Algarve for holiday lets and could you use a helping hand with all the matters that are involved with running a business like that?

I have lived in Portugal since 2007 and after 3,5 years working in Portuguese Real Estate I decided to start my own business. First I started off as a service agency assisting foreigners with all (administrative) aspects they encountered.

In 2011 one of my clients asked if I could take care of the rental business of their property and that was my start for specialising in this rental business which has expanded to a larger number of properties for which I take care of the full rental process from marketing, bookings, finances and tax obligations.

Besides running the rental business for my clients, I have also already registered many rental licenses, the so-called ‘registo de Alojamento Local’ and continue to do so on a regular base keeping me up-to-date on any changes in the regulations.

Originally I come from Holland and am fluent in Dutch, English and Portuguese and will be able to understand some German, French and Spanish.

In the time that I have lived here, I have experienced the Portuguese way of working and have learnt more about the rules and legislation of the country.

I know my way around the governmental entities and am able to direct you to the right professionals and recommend companies that have a good reputation so that you are sure of dealing with the right persons.

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